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This is a magazine advertisement for The Brave Butchers. I used a background of a magazine, made another design for the page and I used illustrations and the logo I designed earlier. I also added some lighting in the background to make the illustrations stand out. Plus I used the fake email, phone number and email from the flyer. I added lighting and the shading from where the original lighting and shading where before I added the new page.

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Magazine advert

Sauce packets

This is a packet of Tomato Sauce, however, I re-branded the packet to make it link to the Brave Butcher if it were to sell any different sauce packets. I kept one of those packets red and recoloured the other two to make them link to the flavour, plus keeping the Rockwell Bold font for the text and having the logo and colouring the sauce packets to make them link the flavour.

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Butcher Smokey and Rich.gif

Brave Butchers bag

I saved a photo of a bag from the internet. I recoloured it from the red colour in my colour palette and placed the logo. This is like selling merchandise for The Brave Butchers.

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Butcher Bag.jpg

Instagram post

This a Instagram post of Modern Butchers. I used my old illustrations for this image. I used a fake address, email, phone number and website. I believe that what I could have done is to use a transparent Barbecue with meat cooking on it from a photo I’ve taken.

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Insta post Butcher.jpg


This is a man wearing an apron. I saved an image on internet which featured an apron. I recoloured the apron and place the logo and the tag line for from The Brave Butcher project, plus I edited them to make them part of the apron.

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Butcher Apron.jpg

Flyer Design

This is a flyer with a front page, back page and 2 pages inside. I used with what I got such as old photos and illustrations I’ve made for Modern Butchers project. For the photos, I cut out the background in Photoshop and reused the ‘Rockwell Extra Bold’ font for some of the text. I used Loriem Ipsum to make texts. I used a map from the internet and renamed the original name of a butcher to The Brave Butchers.

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Butcher Flyer3.gif

Behind the Scenes

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