What you see is my work in Shillington, Bucks Uni, Amersham College and personal work as well.


I was working on my final projects near the end of Shillington College. If you would like to see more, please click on Projects.


Call of Duty Operation Monarch Assignment


There was an assignment in TalentHouse and it was about making poster for the limited time Call of Duty: Operation Monarch Game

Portfolio FanArt

I have a high passion for FanArt and I wanted to create my own styles of artwork. I worked on my top art skills such as acrylic paints, Oil Pastles, Water colour paints, and gouache paint. I also had some online tutorials to teach me how to draw these characters.



This is work outside of Amersham College. I was learning about portrait making from my art teacher.


Old Shillington work

I've done some projects during my year in Shillington and I've chosen my best ones to show you.


Clay model

I was attendeding a local artbox and one of the activites was to make clay models. These photos are the clay models I've made.