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What you see is my work in Shillington, Bucks Uni, Amersham College and personal work as well.


I was working on my final projects near the end of Shillington College. If you would like to see more, please click on Projects.

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Call of Duty Operation Monarch Assignment

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There was an assignment in TalentHouse and it was about making poster for the limited time Call of Duty: Operation Monarch Game

Portfolio FanArt

I have a high passion for FanArt and I wanted to create my own styles of artwork. I worked on my top art skills such as acrylic paints, Oil Pastles, Water colour paints, and gouache paint. I also had some online tutorials to teach me how to draw these characters.

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This is work outside of Amersham College. I was learning about portrait painting with my art teacher.

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