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During my time as a Graphic Designer, I worked with clients. My main goal is to make sure that my clients are happy with my designs I have made for them.

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Wedding painting

This is a painting for one of my work colleagues. She asked me if I can paint a scenery with a wedding couple and I did with acrylic paint and a canvas pad.

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Home Screen

My client is an online company that sells prototype materials and he needed make me to make a montage video of his home page screen, he used footage on the internet and those videos link to what his company does.

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Leaflets and Menus for Ice Cream Parlour

I had a job in an ice cream shop. It was a training week. Then my boss saw the talent I have to design posters on the Adobe Programs and he asked me to make a couple of pictures for the shop. They were leaflets and menus. This is what I have made.

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