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During my time as a Graphic Designer, I worked with clients. My main goal is to make sure that my clients are happy with my designs I have made for them.

slogan waffles.jpg

Slogan Poster

This is one of my slogan designs. It was focusing on each food the Ice cream parlour has.


Re-Opening poster

The Ice Cream shop had to be shut for a while due to some changes in the interior and adding some new food. The supervisor asked me to come round and make a reopening poster for the shop.

pizza and Spaghetti.jpg

New Menu

This is my latest disign. My client has a new resturant and he wanted me to make an advertising poster.


2020 Wallpaper

This poster is to addvertise their new drinks in Summer 2020. I was inspired by Demi Lovato's Cool For the Summer song, That's how I came up with the title.


First Menu design

This is my first design I did for the Ice Cream parlour.

leaflet back Cover.jpg

Leaflet Design

This is a side by side leaflet. Most of these leaflets are laid out on the shop's tables. 

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