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Ice Cream Design

Ice Cream Box Design

This is a Ice Cream box. I was given the layout from Shillington, I illustrated the illustrations, plus wrote the ingredients by myself although I had to find inspirations to find
the right layout for the text.

Click on image to make it pop out.

Cardboard Package Box.jpg


This is a billboard. I was doing research on Ice Cream advertisements and one of the
best ones was billboards. I collected an image from the intrenet. I removed the oringal
advertisement from the billboard. I copied the illustrations and text from previous work.
Then I placed them on the billboard and then reshaped them so they can look like they are
part of the billboard.

Click on image to make it pop out.

moodboard ice cream6.jpg

Ice Cream Van Design

I collected a photo of a white Ice Cream Van and placed it on Photoshop. I removed parts
of the Ice Cream Van I didn’t want like the logo. I copied illustrations from the Ice Cream
Box and placed them on the Ice Cream Van. I had to move parts of the illustrations from
one place to another. Then I grouped the illustrations to and gave the group a layer mask
to make a white silhouette in shape of the van. Then I changed the group from normal to

Click on image to make it pop out.

ice cream van.jpg

Ice Cream Cone

This is a cone of ice cream. I used one of my images from the mood board, but I replace parts of the image to make them part of my Ice Cream brand. Then I placed my image to the blank Ice Cream cone. But I also had to make the image circular as if it’s part of the cone. Once I did, I had to change the opacity from 100% to 70% and Fill to 80% to make the image part of the cone. Then I duplicated the cone, because there’s a plastic lid above the cone. I recoloured the duplicate layer by fading the layer mask, so the plastic lid would look see through.

Click on image to make it pop out.

moodboard ice cream4.png

Behind the Scenes

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