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The Top 6
for the end of term in Shillington

The Brave Butchers

I was doing work for a made up butcher company, I did research on the colour and font that would link to the colours for the brand. I chose to do Sparten themed because Spartans are strong and meat brings protein. I looked up some tag lines that would link to the butcher theme. At first I was making posters for the butchers, then I was making leaflets, magazine adverts, and then merchandise.

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magazine brave butcher.jpg

Verata Event Space

I was doing work for a Chile Art and Music event. I’ve made lanyards, posters, and wallpapers. The keywords for this brand is colourful, jazzy and ecocentric, plus I research colours and fonts to link to the keywords. The V stands for Verata, which are two words (verde + Plata) which are two Spanish words that collide together. The sponsor was to inspire people to save the forests and do some recycling.

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Campaign for Arts 4 Tigers

I wanted to do a campaign that helps Tigers. I was sponsoring Tiger Awareness, a charity located in India, which helps Tigers and teaches people in India how important they are. I was working and using old artworks I did from school and latest illustations for designing the posters. I also planed to make a fake contest where people can make artworks of Tigers and the winners can have their work on display at offices and the nomanies will get free merchandise. I did some research on the appropriate merchandise that would link to the charity keywords, I found a couple which I thought would be appropriate such as buttons and t-shirts.

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white shirt.png

Ice Cream Design

I was working on a suitable story and links to a suitable brand. Then I had an idea of an ice cream brand with a story about pirates. It’s understandable because pirates come from the sea and people normally have ice cream in the sea. I has this story of Captain Malt traveling across the Seven Seas to find a special ingredient to make Ice Cream, that only the Aztec Gods would know. Once I made my story, I was given a box layout plan for my ice cream, I made the illustrations and fonts. At first I wanted my box and illustrations to link to my story and source materials on pirates and Aztec gods. Once I’ve made my box, I worked on other designs that would be about ice cream such as ice cream vans and cones.

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Cardboard Package Box.jpg

Branding For the World's End

I was doing post card design for a festival in Abyss city. I was doing research on what can be good for the brand. I notice that the festival has a fesination for fire and I was inspired by the Dua Lipa commerical Libra with fire letters behind the model. I made my image look similar to the fire text and the sun set shows that the
festival happens in the afternoon. For my first work, I was making a gif and postcard. Once I was happy with what I have made, I’ve started to work on other designs posters and internet advertisements.

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t-shirt World_s End.jpg

Handmande design

I was making a handmade model for Shillington and we had to chose what cover we’re going to do and make. I chosen to do book cover design for The Hound of The Baskerviles. I made my model out of clay, paint and used some dirt I can find outside in the countryside. Once I’ve made my book cover, I started to work on other designs like book marks and tea mugs.

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Rectangle 21.jpg
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