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Films I've made

I was making films for University and for myself. My top prefessions of making films are filming the coutryside with Drone filming and a film editor.

Local Radio, Local Voices

A couple of years ago at my first year at Univeristy. I made a documentary with my group. I use to volenter at Wycombe Sound and I came up with the idea of making a documentary about local radio. My job was to be the producer, editor and the person who asks questions to the interviewee.

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Littlehampton Beach Holiday

I was flying my Bebop Drone across Little Hampton's Beach across the beach at Low Tide.

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Walk in the Countryside

This was a film for University in my third year. I needed to make a 90 second film all by myself. My film was based on the lock down and Covid Situations. I was in my second year at University when it happened. It was about how in a City, the chances of getting Covid was quite high back in the day. I live in the middle of the countryside and I felt safe becuase the chances of getting Covid in the middle of the countryside is not so high at all.

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Hilda and Lincoln Loud

I enjoy watching Hilda and I watched a couple of episodes of The Loud House. I made this animation as a crossover between the two cultures.

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Veronika trailer

In my last year at University, I made a film with a group. I was the editor for the film. The film was about a scary girl who invites her boyfriends for dinner, but then she kills them becuase she fears they could leave her, like her previous ones. I've made it into a trailer.

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3 Word Film

While I was at University studying film and TV. I made a film with a group. We called this project called the "Three Word" film. It's about making a film with a story that only has three letters that a character can say. I was a camera part of the time and I was also an editor for this film.

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Constantine Bay Drone Flight

I few a drone, while I was on holiday in Constantine Bay and from the footage I've made a montage.

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