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Postcard World_s End.jpg

World's End

Phone Cover

I used similar gradient from the profile from the Instagram post design. I placed it on this phone, then I mask for the layer with the gradient in the shape of the phone and I made a hole for the camera. I placed the illustrated logo of World’s End and added shadows behind the logo to help make them stand out.

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World_s End Phone.jpg

Post Card design

This is my old postcard work, however I did some updates. What I’ve done is added fire illustations that I designed in my old work. I replace the fonts to Bradley Hand ITC and High Tower Text. I added shading to the inside line and the outside fire on the font. I increased the size of the text and filled in more empty space.

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Postcard World_s End.jpg

Poster Design

This is a poster. I used the previous illustrations I made for the post card. I used old photos I’ve from my holidays. I merge two photos together to make one image, plus making this look like a sun set. I place the logo of the festival on the sun. I added some colours that would link to the world’s end festival. I studied how to make a sunset on Photoshop and I recoloured the results to make it similar to the gradient from the previous work. I worked on another poster and I copied a list of artists who are going to be in Glastonbury from, from Friday to Sunday. I was inspired to one of my artists list poster on my Moodboard.

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Instagram post

This was going to be an animated GIF, but this is a capture image with out the animation. I place the animation on a project that featured this Instagram post template. The animation is my original work, but I edited the frame times.

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Phone insta.png

Behind the Scenes

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