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World's End


These are eclipsed circle shapes I used in Photoshop to design these circular buttons. I’ve added dropped shadows for the circles and brushed highlights and shadows to make the circular buttons in 3D. Then I placed the images and logo on each button.


Click on image to make it pop out.


Web Design

This is web design for the campaign. I was inspired by the layout of the Tiger Awareness and some assigment pages from Talenthouse. I used my designs from the campaign and the Tiger artworks from my moodboard. I wrote what the contest is, what are the rules and the opertional donation. Plus I used the top and bottom part of the bar from the Tiger Awareness website to make this website part of the Tiger Awareness website.


Click on image to make it pop out.

Desktop Tiger.jpg

T-Shirt design

The image in the centre of the t-shirt is from the poster I’ve designed for the campaign with my chalk pastle portrait of the Tiger. I placed it on the t-shirt on Photoshop and displate the image to make it look like it’s part of the t-shirt.


Click on image to make it pop out.

white shirt.png

Poster Design

I used my old chalk pastle artwork of the portrait of the Tiger. I used myself to make this silhouette. I was inspired by Tiger and charity posters to help make this design.

Poster Tiger.jpg
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