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Book_Hardcover_MockUp_Front_Back new.jpg

Hand Made
"The Hound of the Baskervilles"

Book cover

I was making a model made of clay, I also painted it and added dirty and leave to make it look realistic. I use a professional photographer to take a photo of my model and my silhouette design of Sherlock, the design is made out of cardboard paper. Shillington gave my a book layout to place my cover and text on the book cover, I did and this was the result.

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Book_Hardcover_MockUp_Front_Back new.jpg

Book mark

This is my book mark based on the handmade project. I found a blank book mark which I can place my original images on and the text from my book cover. I lighted the images to make them more noticeable.

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Book Mark background.jpg

Poster Design

This is a poster design for my handmade project. I used the texture background with the Sherlock Holmes silhouette. I used the image with the book and removed the background that was one the book image. I also used the Shlop regular font for text and the Audible logo becuase there’s a possibility that the book would be in Audible.

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handmade poster.jpg

Banner design

This is a banner advertisement for the book. I done some research of the size of a banner. I made the background similar to the background that has the Sherlock Holmes silhouette. I placed text in the centre with the important quote in the book, plus that character who said that quote. I also copied the image with front book cover and I removed the background.

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Behind the Scenes

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